Expanding Your Digital Footprint ~ Kristal Kraft

Photographers of all levels are finding the Internet an excellent tool for getting their work noticed.  It doesn’t matter if the photographer is just trying to show off images to friends and family or are struggling to get discovered, no one should ignore using the tools of technology.

Creating a website or better yet, a blog reaches a larger audience than sitting in a tent at the local art show.  Utilizing the many online tools will help expose one’s work in ways far beyond our neighborhood. As an added bonus Internet marketing is relatively inexpensive if not downright cheap!

If you aren’t on the Internet you don’t exist!

This presentation will be an overview of the possibilities for promoting yourself on the web.  Kristal will demonstrate how easy it is to set up a WordPress blog to publish your work.  If one can type, even if that’s only a “hunt and peck” one can create a presence on the web.

Other points covered:

  • Social media usage, cutting through the hype of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr
  • Why Google loves blogs
  • Why Average Joe loves blogs
  • What do you need to get online and how much does it cost?
  • Photography specific hosts
  • Keywords and why they are important
  • Protecting your work

Come learn how to expand your digital footprint and get your questions answered.  By the end of the evening you will be ready to upload photos to the Read Write Web!

About the photo…Kristal has some swag to give away from Zenfolio, 3 T-shirts!

Kristal Kraft is no stranger to the Internet.  As a Denver Real Estate Broker and website pioneer, Kristal taught herself to build and publish a business website in 1997.  Since then that site has received national recognition and maintains favor in the eyes of Google as it is typically on the first page for Denver Real Estate and Relocation.