Lighting Without Fears – OCF

Erik Holladay-McCann presents “Lighting Without Fears – Off Camera Flash” on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7pm, Lone Tree Civic Center.

Arrive 15 minutes early for social time, to visit with your fellow club members and meet some new folks. The program is 7pm – 9pm.

Erik will demo his workflow to create a studio quality portrait using very little equipment. He’ll also show some new tricks on how to use your flash.

Holladay Photography About Erik Holladay-McCann
“One of my strongest attractions to photography is its art of storytelling – the complex narratives, the delicate composition, the cinematic style. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to tell many stories. And my favorite one to tell is the story of love.”

“I began my career at an early age when I stumbled into photography after a high-school teacher encouraged me to take a class. At the time, I was as an art junkie taking anything available – painting, pen-and-ink drawing, and tattoo design. Yet despite my immersion in various techniques and styles, I struggled to find my own form. Then I took a photography class. Like many other photographers, once I stepped foot into the dark room, I fell in love. My interest in the field quickly landed me a job at a local newspaper in Michigan when I was 15, and that job developed into a 30-year career in photojournalism.”

“Over my career, I photographed everything from tragedies and breaking news to sporting and community events. Everything I shot taught me a different layer of photography. I often found myself in intense, emotional situations where I had to capture the essence of the human condition. When in sports photography, I learned how to break down action and anticipate what was coming next. Community gatherings highlighted the importance of togetherness. Not only did my experience with journalism help shape my photography career and style, it made me a storyteller.”
Holladay Photography
“Then I found wedding photography – the perfect culmination of a lifetime of work. What makes weddings so special for me is the collective nature of it all. It’s not just about taking pictures, but rather everyone working together to make art. Now based in Denver, CO, my wedding portfolio continues to grow. I feel so lucky to get to experience these moments with people and to share love. My bold, compositional, cinematic style complements these events, and my journalistic, documentary background helps me to fully capture the moments, to fully tell the story.”

Holladay Photography

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