Location lighting, lite and compact (Small Strobes, Big Results)

David Tejada presents “Location lighting, lite and compact (Small Strobes, Big Results)” on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7pm, Lone Tree Civic Center.

Arrive 15 minutes early for social time, to visit with your fellow club members and meet some new folks. The program is 7pm – 9pm.

David will share:

  1. How to create studio quality light on location with Speedlights
  2. Understanding which modifier is best to use in any given situation
  3. Behind the scene images on how the lighting was created

About David Tejada:
David Tejada has been a working professional for more then 30 years, specializing in corporate and annual report location photography. He is also a workshop instructor teaching lighting to other professionals around the world. He has taught for The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Maine Media Workshops, GPP in the UAE, and has taught over 65 lighting workshops in Europe.

David Tejada David Tejada David Tejada David Tejada David Tejada

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