Exhibitions & Competitions

The 1st Wednesday of each month is either an Exhibition or Competition meeting. Check the calendar to determine if the meeting is an exhibition night or a competition night. Non-members may participate in exhibitions, but only club members may submit images for competitions. Members must be present at the competition meeting to enter. Exception is given for members to enter 2 competitions a calendar year in their absence due to vacations and work conflicts.

Exhibition Guidelines

  • Submit images for review and critique. Images can be digital or prints. Ensure images do not have identifying text such as a watermark.
  • Members may submit up to 4 images total. Non-members are welcome to submit up to 2 images total. If we have too many to view in one night the number of images may be reduced, as needed.
  • Upload digital image(s) by 9pm on the Monday prior to the Exhibition meeting.

Competition Guidelines

  • Submit images for voting by club members and a photography professional guest judge. Images can be digital or prints. Ensure images do not have identifying text such as a watermark.
  • Members may submit up to 4 images total, but no more than 2 in any division: Digital Color, Digital Monochrome, Color Print, Monochrome Print.
  • Monochrome images are defined as a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or tones of black and white. A black and white image with one other color does not qualify.
  • Upload digital image(s) by midnight on the Friday prior to the Competition meeting.
Submission Standards

Digital Images

  • File type must be JPG or JPEG.
  • Use a simple file name of no more than 40 characters.
  • Image width (horizontal edge) cannot exceed 1024 pixels.
  • Image height (vertical edge) cannot exceed 768 pixels. Note: don’t just select long edge as 1024 pixels.
  • Very Important – Do not use special characters such as apostrophes in the file name when you submit images!


  • Prints may be any size 11″x14″ to 18″x24″, or panoramic prints sized 10″x30″ to 16″x40″.
  • Prints must be mounted on gator board/foam core board/mat board/cardboard.
  • Mount may also be matted (single or double) any color(s); no glass, frame, wood or metal mounts/mats.
  • Overall mount size, including any mat, may be 11″x14″ minimum to 18″x24″ maximum, or panoramic 10″x30″ minimum to 16″x40″ maximum.
  • Affix a label of entrants choice to the back with member’s name and image title
  • Additionally, upload the digital image(s) from which the print was printed, following the instructions for Digital Images above.
  • Bring mounted print(s) to the meeting.

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