Rules of Entry for the CCCC Quarterly Competitions

Lone Tree Photography Club (LTPC) Rules of Entry for the Colorado Councils of Camera Clubs (CCCC) Quarterly Competitions


  • All entries must be the sole and exclusive work of a current LTPC club member and must have been created by the member using an image(s) acquired photographically and without the use of borrowed, public domain, royalty-free images, etc. or clip art
  • All entries must be from images taken within the time frame from: January of the current year to current date, plus the two years prior to January of the current year.
  • The use of text within an entry itself is permitted as long as the text does not include the name of the maker or the title of the image.

Entries must be in one of the following four formats:

  1. Digital Image – Monochrome
  2. Digital Image – Color
  3. Prints* – Monochrome
  4. Prints* – Color
    *Commercial processing/printing/formatting/mounting of prints is permissible.

*First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention winning entries from past CCCC Quarterly and/or Year-end competitions are ineligible

* Award-winning entries in one format may not be reentered in a different format.

* An image previously entered, but not voted through (see IV. Judging below) can be resubmitted only one additional time, whether in same format or another format.

* Images submitted on regular LTPC Exhibition nights may be resubmitted if they met the above eligibility.

Entry Dimensions / Size / Mounting and/or Identification:

Print Entries

  • Prints may be any size up to: width(w)16 x height(h)20 inches for portrait/vertical orientation or w20 x h16 for horizontal/landscape orientation
  • Prints must be dry mounted or matted.
  • Dry mount or mat must be a minimum of 11 x14 inches and no larger than 16 x 20 inches
  • Name of Maker and Title of entry will be placed on back of picture if selected per IV Judging process below

Digital Image Entries

Image Dimension size in pixels:

  • Vertical images may be no taller than 768 pixels.
  • Horizontal Image must be no larger than 1024 on the longest side
  • Square images may be no wider than 768 pixels
  • The digital images must be in .jpg format with a file size of no larger than 500 KB.
  • Entries not meeting these size requirements may be rejected or returned for resizing at the sole discretion of the LTPC person receiving the entries.
  • The title and maker’s name must be included in the metadata of the digital Image and/or contained in submission form as outlined in the. Submission Process listed below

Submission Process:

LTPC Member Submission Process to LTPC

  • Each club member may submit up to eight entries: digital images and prints entries combined
  • LTPC member must submit their entries as follows:
    • Go to the LTPC website @ and click on the “Competitions” tab. Next click on the “Online Image Submissions Form” and fill in the requested information for each of up to eight entries:

Please submit your entries no later than the Saturday prior to the Monday meeting by:

  1. 1st Listing your digital image entries and information as requested and,
    • Attaching the appropriately sized digital files (see Entry Dimensions … above)
  2. Listing your prints and information as requested and
    • Bring the actual prints to the LTPC meeting on the announced CCCC Quarterly Exhibit night between 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM, and acquire and place submission table on back w/print.
  3. Submitting the “Online Image Submissions” form and if you wish
    • Joining us on Monday to vote on which (see Judging below) entries will represent LTPC in the CCCC Quarterly Competition and submitted to the CCCC as follows.

Submission of LTPC Selected Images to CCCC

Each member club may submit a maximum of twenty-four entries as follows:

  • Up to twelve prints – Monochrome and Color combined
  • Up to twelve Digital Images – Monochrome and Color combined


LTPC Judging

The judges for the quarterly competition will be all of the LTPC members who attend the Monday completion meeting and wish to vote. Votes will be held as follows:

Digital Image Entries

  • If 12 or fewer Digital Images are received then all will be submitted and no judging will be needed

If there are more than 12 Digital Images submitted, all Digital Images received by the deadline will be projected one time through prior to voting.

  • Then each Digital Image will be shown individually and voted on by a show of hands.
  • Each club member may vote for as many images as he/she wishes.
  • The number of votes for each Digital Image will be tallied and written down
  • The 12 Digital Images receiving the highest number of votes will be submitted to the CCCC completion.
  • In cases of ties of two or more images for the 12th entries then there will be a “vote off” until the final Digital Images are determined.

 Prints Entries

Same process as Digital Images above


No one club member may submit more than 4 total entries to the CCCC quarterly competition

  • If one member should have a total of five or more entries voted in, he/she shall select the four entries they would like to submit to the CCCC.
  • The Print or Digital Images removed by these individuals will be replaced by the Print or Digital Images entries of the members with the next highest scores.

The LTPC will collect and forward the selected Prints and Digital Images to the CCCC for the Contest

CCCC Judging

• See Addendum 1. for the CCCC Judging process if interested.


Individual Club Member Awards

  • Winning entries will receive an award certificate listing the Maker Name, Winning Photo Name, Place and Category
  • The number of awards in each Category shall be determined based on the total number of entries (All 5 photo clubs) submitted in each category, as follows.

1 – 4 entries: First Place only
5 – 7 entries: First and Second place
8 – 10 entries: First, Second and Third place
11 – 14 entries: First, Second and Third place plus one Honorable Mention
15 – 24 entries: First, Second and Third place plus two Honorable Mentions
25 – 34 entries: First, Second and Third Place plus three Honorable Mentions
35 – 44 entries: First, Second and Third Place plus four Honorable Mentions
45 – 54 entries: First, Second and Third Place plus five Honorable Mentions
55 – 64 entries: First, Second and Third Place plus six Honorable Mentions
65 – 74 entries: First, Second and Third Place plus seven Honorable Mentions

Member Club Awards

  • There are no quarterly Member Club Awards
  • The scores given by the judges for each club member in each category are totaled for each Member Club and are accumulated by quarter for the year end Member Club Awards.

Addendum 1.

CCCC Judging

  • Submitted Entries from the LPTC will be divided into the appropriate Categories at the CCCC competitions:
    • Digital Images – Monochrome
    • Digital Images – Color
    • Prints – Monochrome
    • Prints – Color
  • The judging panel shall consist of three primary judges and one alternative judge
    • Each judge shall vote on all entries
    • At no time during the competition judging shall any member of the audience or judges make comment to the judges, or audibly react to any entry or judge’s comment.
    • Each judge will vote on each entry on a basis of from zero to five points:
      • 0 Points are awarded if judge knows of the photo or maker of the entry
      • 1 Point is awarded if judged to be way below average,
      • 2 points awarded if judged to be below average,
      • 3 points awarded if judged to be average,
      • 4 points awarded if judged to be above average or
      • 5 points awarded if judged as outstanding.
    •  The score of the three primary judges will be added together to get a score.
      • If one of the primary judges votes zero then the score of the alternative judge will be added to the score.
      • If two or more of the primary judges vote zero then a audience volunteer judge will be asked to substitute for each judge that voted 0 and vote on the entry
    • When scores have been tabulated, at the end of each category, the entry with the highest score in each category is awarded 1st Place, second highest – 2nd place, etc. In the case of a tie at any award level judges will break the tie by:
      • Reviewing the tied entries then re-voting on tied entry on a one to five scale.
      • If a ties still exists then judges will review the tied entries and vote 5 for their favorite, 3 for their second choice and 1 on all others until all ties are broken.