Brad McDowell’s Cherry Creek State Park Special Map 2016

This is a map that Brad has marked up to show some great spots for taking sunrise photos etc.

See below:

Cherry Creek State Park Photo Guide final (1)

Forget Dates? Google Reminders Can Help

Most people are very busy and often have days where there is more than one thing to do.  If you want to be more organized, try using Google Calendar to help you remember an event.

The Lone Tree Photography Club uses Google Calendars to record upcoming events.  You can use this public calendar to remind you when an event is to happen.

You will need a Gmail account (free).  Setting up a Gmail account provides you with dozens of FREE resources, including Gmail and Calendars.

It’s easy, start by logging into the Lone Tree Photo Club website.  Find the “Event Calendars” tab in the top navigation bar.  Click on it.

You will have to make a choice between the LTPC Event Calendar or the Meetup Event, it works the same on either calendar.  Pick one.

Next you will see a calender with events on it.  Use the cursor to click on the event.

Clicking on the event will bring up another page with the full event information on it. It should look something like this:

At the bottom of the page is another link that says, “more information” click on it.This is where you can configure a reminder to be sent to you via

  • Email
  • MS
  • Pop-up (on your monitor)

If you are unsure of the best method to use for contact, because you aren’t sure if you will be sitting at your computer or out and about at that time, you can set up multiple reminders!  The way I do it is to create a reminder at two different times, one to remind me to get ready and the other to reminder me go now!

I use Google reminders on my Google Calendar all the time. In fact, I use multiple calendars and merge all my calendars into one.  It’s very convenient!  Once you start using Google Calendars you will realize how handy they are and how seldom you forget to show up at events you were looking forward to attending!

Give it a try.  Let me know if you need help in getting it done!

Macro Photography 101 from Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet is a renowned photographer I met last year while shooting the Badlands.  He was there with one of his photography tours, which looked liked a very fun group.  Since then I have subscribed to his newsletter and wishfully follow his tours.  Maybe one day I will book one…  I digress.

Tony was interviewed by the New York Times on his tips for Macro Photography, thought this interview is worth sharing.  He offers some great tips on tools to use for processing too.  Read the article here:

Extreme Close-Ups

or visit:   Tony Sweet Website 







Wildlife Photography Tips and Tutorial by Chris McLennan

The best wildlife photography happens when perspiration meets preparation.  Amazing shots happen after hours of study, practice and then being in the right spot at the right time, most likely sitting in position for hours.

Patience? Preparation? Experience?


Here’s some photo eye candy along with practical instruction on how to.  It is 7-minutes well spent.  Enjoy!

Karl Taylor Essential Skills for Understanding Light

How to make your images more interesting using available light.  Enjoy this informative video from Karl Taylor as he gets his feet wet capturing the perfect image.

Enjoy the Convenience of Having Email Updates on the LTPC Website

If you are busy like most people, sometimes days, weeks or even months pass without ever thinking to check out the Lone Tree Photography Club’s website.  Since many people are working to keep us informed via this valuable site, it only makes sense to have the updates arrive AS THEY HAPPEN in your inbox.

You control this, and it is very easy to do.  Look in the sidebar of the website for this graphic:

Subscribe to the Lone Tree Photography club website updatesFound it?  Now click on it.  You can even click on the one in this post.

It will take you to a page with many subscription choices.  Some people use what are called RSS Readers to view their favorite sites.

But most people prefer to have their subscriptions sent directly to their email, where they remember to view everyday.

Subscribe to the LTPC website updates via emailLook for the link titled, “Get Lone Tree Photography Club delivered by email” and click on it. (See diagram above)

Next page you will find a form for you to fill in your email address.  That’s the easy part.

The second task is much harder (at least for me).  In order to prevent spammers and bots from doing this easily, you have to fill out the CAPTCHA code.  Just for the record I can NEVER get this code the first time! GRRRR!  I keep clicking on it until I get one I can figure out.

Yes, it’s pure pain, but a necessary evil I guess!

captcha is evil!The final step for you in this process will be to click on the CONFIRMATION link sent to your email.  Once you do that you will receive updates when the site gets new content.

So if you want to have the latest information rather than wait for the not-so-regular newsletter, subscribe by email.

Now you are one of the cool kids!