April Presentation – Nightscape Techniques For Any DSLR

Join us April 21st at 7 PM at the Lone Tree Civic Center for Mike Berensen’s presentation – “Nightscape Techniques for Any DSLR”.


1. Learn how to use Mike’s Super Long-Exposure Cheat Sheet to get great long-duration star trail images on the first try.

2. See how to get improved image quality in your nightscape images using multiple exposures and Photoshop.

3. View Mike’s favorites flashlights for Light Painting – shared after testing models out in the field.

About Mike Berensen:

Mike Berenson is a talented photographer based in Littleton, Colorado who combines his love for the starry night sky with his love for landscape photography. Mike says it feels a little strange telling people that his passion for night photography actually started deep underwater in the tropical waters of the Caribbean. But that’s where he found his love for sharing wonders of the world with those who aren’t able to see for themselves. And once he transitioned to the mountains of Colorado under starry night skies and started applying some innovative techniques, he knew he’d found his calling.

These days, Mike enjoys sharing techniques (both out in-the-field and in post-processing) with night photography workshop students in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Mike has the honor of having won Best of Show awards in the Littleton Eye Of The Camera and the Lone Tree Photography Show, both in 2013.

Mike’s website is http://www.coloradocaptures.com

Here’s a sample of his work:

Milky Way Madness at Mesa Arch

One With The Night

Tracking Milk Over West Spanish Peak


March Presentation – Printing your Images

Join us March 16th at 7 PM for Scott Dougherty’s presentation about printing your images.  Ever wonder which paper or substrate to use when printing your images?  Scott will talk about printing on canvas papers, glossy papers, luster papers, fine art papers, or on a metal substrate.

January Presentation – Stretching Time

This Month’s Presentation

Join us on Jan 19th at 7 PM for Dr. Jason Odell’s presentation, “Stretching Time: Creative Long Exposure Photography”

Throughout history, most of the technological advances in photography reduced exposure times by increasing the sensitivity of the capture medium. While being able to capture action photos in near darkness is amazing, an entire avenue of creativity opens up when you start to look at ways to capture long slices of time in an exposure.

In this presentation, you’ll learn about using long exposures as a creative tool for your photography, and how it can transform typical scenes into magical ones. From traditional nighttime photography to capturing long exposures in broad daylight, you’ll learn a variety of ways to capture long exposures with a digital camera. You’ll also get pointers on choosing subjects, creating strong compositions, and post-processing long exposure images.

About Dr. Jason Odell

Jason P. Odell is a professional photographer who specializes in wildlife, landscape, and creative urban themes. He is the author of eleven comprehensive photography guides, including his best-selling guides to Nikon’s Capture NX 2 and Nik Collection plug-ins.

Jason’s reputation for having a clear vision for communicating the technical and artistic sides of modern digital photography makes his books and workshops popular with photographers world-wide.

Jason’s photography has been featured by Nik Software, Tiffen, Studio Photography Magazine, Singh- Ray Filters, and Digital Silver Imaging.

Jason’s website is http://www.luminescentphoto.com where you can find his blog, information about his classes, and his podcast, The Sensor Plane

Focus Stacking In the Real world – November Presentation

Join us November 17th at 7 PM for Terry Mieger’s presentation Focus Stacking In the Real World.  Have you ever done macro photography and wished you had a little more of the image in focus?  Or wished that you could have more depth of field, without driving your sensor into diffraction?  Terry will be discussing Helicon Focus as a solution for these problems.

Terry will be discussing:

  • What really is depth of field?
  • Focus vs Sharpness
  • What are the choices and how is focus stacking done?

More about Terry Mieger

A retired educator, I taught high school Biology and Chemistry for 40 years in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Aurora Colorado. Photography became a part of my life, in the early 1950s, with an Argus C-3 camera and a roll of Kodachrome film. As a student at Colorado State University in the mid 1960s’, I studied large format photography and macrophotography working with biological and architectural subjects. In 2013 I formed Chaos Photo to teach photography and digital darkroom with workshops and personal consultation specializing in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz plugins. I do many presentations for photography clubs specializing in Workflow, Lightroom and Photoshop. Other topics include High Dynamic Range Photography, Macro Photography and Focus Stacking. During the last few years, I have judged many club competitions and the Arapahoe County Fair Adult Photography Division. I consider myself as a resource and an educator with very broad tastes in photography.

Terry’s website is chaoscolorado.com

October Presentation – GPS with Lightroom – George Jardine

Join us on October 20th for George Jardine’s presentation – “Everything You Wanted To Know About Using GPS with Lightroom!”

Have you ever looked at your photos after the fact, and wished you knew which photos were taken where?  Or wished that you could map them without a lot of effort.

George is an excellent speaker,teacher and photographer.  He has given both lectures and tutorials for the Lone Tree Photo Club that have advanced my knowledge of lightroom.

George’s presentation will cover three major points:

  1. How to apply GPS coordinates to your photos using Lightroom.
  2. How to use GPS tracklogs with Lightroom.
  3. More about GPS and your photo timestamps than you thought you’d ever want to know.

Updates from George’s presentation

One thing that I learned from George’s presentation was that accurate time on your camera makes this much easier.  George mentioned two web sites that makes this easier.

The website, timeanddate.com  is extremely useful for both changing time zones, and seeing the difference between UTC (which your GPS uses,) and your camera.

To find out how far your camera’s clock is off from the correct time, you can photograph, your smart phone displaying the web site, time.is  Shoot this at the end of your shooting session.  Then once you import your images, you can compare the time in the file, to the photographed time.


More about George Jardine

George Jardine is well known for his managing role on the original development team for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and as Adobe’s first Pro Photography Evangelist for Lightroom. George first joined Adobe Systems in 1993 to work with Emmy Award-winning designer/instructor, Russell Brown, to help evangelize Photoshop. George re-joined Adobe in 2003 to help manage, develop, promote, and teach Lightroom to professional photographers. As a professional photographer, George’s photography appears internationally in popular magazines and on favorite internet websites. Based in Colorado, George currently teaches workshops, consults for digital photographers, and is a freelance video producer. George’s critically acclaimed Adobe Lightroom Video Workshop tutorials set a new standard of excellence in digital imaging education.

Here’s a few samples of George’s work.

Black Lava Beach Ice

Black Lava Beach Ice

Black Lava Beach Sea Stacks

Black Lava Beach Sea Stacks

Sports Images that Don’t Suck – Sept Presentation – Cliff Lawson

Join us on Sept 15th for Cliff Lawson’s presentation, Sports Images that Don’t Suck. If you’ve ever tried to take sports images yourself, you can see that this will be a very informative presentation. A few years back I took a class from Cliff and he is an excellent instructor. Cliff is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.
Cliff will cover:

    What equipment works best. The difference between getting “OK” images and great sports images.
    How to position yourself to increase the odds of being in the right place.
    Sports photography etiquette. How to insure that YOU are not ejected from the event.

For those of us who have done it, being in the right place for swimming is much more challenging. You can’t get this kind of shot, by standing on the sideline and pushing the shutter button.
Maddie Merritt Hurdles
Most of Cliff’s work when he turned pro, was sports photography. Primarily this was motor sports, wrestling and swimming.
Cliff’s website is Cliff Lawson Photography

August Presentation – Carrying Hope to the Children of the Himalayas

Join us on August 18th for Josh Duncan’s presentation – Carry Hope for Children of the Himalayas.

Josh is the Director of Development for MountainChild. In addition he also works for Vintage Spark Photo.

MountainChild is a non-profit humanitarian organization that exists for the purpose of raising impoverished children in the Himalayas.

Josh will speak on these topics

  • Experience Nepal and the Himalayas through Photography
  • Become aware of the humanitarian need for the impoverished children of the Himalayas and how Mountain Child is making a tangible difference in focusing on one Health, Trafficking, Child Labor and the Environment.
  • Believe that a passion for photography can take you anywhere and it helps change the world

Join us at 7 PM on August 18th to hear about this.



MountainChild Nepal

MountainChild Nepal



MountainChild is a non-profit humanitarian organization that exists for the purpose of raising impoverished children in the Himalayas.


July Presentation – Jim Zuckerman

July Presentation

Join us July 21st to see Jim Zuckerman.   He will be presenting his images of Venice Italy.  Jim is a respected photo educator, and is the author of 20 books on a wide range of photographic subjects.  He has taught creative photography at many universities and private schools including UCLA and Kent State University. He also leads international photo tours to exotic destinations such as Burma, Thailand, Iceland, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Namibia. On each photography tour, Jim shares his enthusiasm for photography and he never gets tired of helping students develop their passion for shooting. Join us at 7pm on July 21st to see him.


Usually, we get our presentation before any seminars but this time Jim has a Seminar on July 19th.

June Presentation – Doug Bennett

Join us June 16th for Doug Bennett’s Presentation – “Art and Expression in Landscape Photography”  Most instruction these days on Landscape Photography focuses on craft & technique. While important, and we will review a few of these essentials, we will focus more on the art & expression in landscape photography. This presentation will provide you much to consider in expressing your photographic vision. Included in this presentation will be much that Doug has learned from his extensive competition experience in PPA International Print Competitions.  Don’t miss his presentation at 7 PM on June 16th.

May Presentation – Photowalk with Darren White – May 19th

Instead of meeting in the Lone Tree Civic Center, Darren will lead a photo walk from the Pool right next store.  This will be at 7 PM on May 19th. Darren suggests that you bring an assortment of lens from wide angle to telephoto. Please don’t park in the Lone Tree Civic Center Lot, but please use the lot next to the Pool.

This promises to an excellent opportunity to learn.