Sports Images that Don’t Suck – Sept Presentation – Cliff Lawson

Join us on Sept 15th for Cliff Lawson’s presentation, Sports Images that Don’t Suck. If you’ve ever tried to take sports images yourself, you can see that this will be a very informative presentation. A few years back I took a class from Cliff and he is an excellent instructor. Cliff is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.
Cliff will cover:

    What equipment works best. The difference between getting “OK” images and great sports images.
    How to position yourself to increase the odds of being in the right place.
    Sports photography etiquette. How to insure that YOU are not ejected from the event.

For those of us who have done it, being in the right place for swimming is much more challenging. You can’t get this kind of shot, by standing on the sideline and pushing the shutter button.
Maddie Merritt Hurdles
Most of Cliff’s work when he turned pro, was sports photography. Primarily this was motor sports, wrestling and swimming.
Cliff’s website is Cliff Lawson Photography

August Presentation – Carrying Hope to the Children of the Himalayas

Join us on August 18th for Josh Duncan’s presentation – Carry Hope for Children of the Himalayas.

Josh is the Director of Development for MountainChild. In addition he also works for Vintage Spark Photo.

MountainChild is a non-profit humanitarian organization that exists for the purpose of raising impoverished children in the Himalayas.

Josh will speak on these topics

  • Experience Nepal and the Himalayas through Photography
  • Become aware of the humanitarian need for the impoverished children of the Himalayas and how Mountain Child is making a tangible difference in focusing on one Health, Trafficking, Child Labor and the Environment.
  • Believe that a passion for photography can take you anywhere and it helps change the world

Join us at 7 PM on August 18th to hear about this.



MountainChild Nepal

MountainChild Nepal



MountainChild is a non-profit humanitarian organization that exists for the purpose of raising impoverished children in the Himalayas.


July Presentation – Jim Zuckerman

July Presentation

Join us July 21st to see Jim Zuckerman.   He will be presenting his images of Venice Italy.  Jim is a respected photo educator, and is the author of 20 books on a wide range of photographic subjects.  He has taught creative photography at many universities and private schools including UCLA and Kent State University. He also leads international photo tours to exotic destinations such as Burma, Thailand, Iceland, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Namibia. On each photography tour, Jim shares his enthusiasm for photography and he never gets tired of helping students develop their passion for shooting. Join us at 7pm on July 21st to see him.


Usually, we get our presentation before any seminars but this time Jim has a Seminar on July 19th.

June Presentation – Doug Bennett

Join us June 16th for Doug Bennett’s Presentation – “Art and Expression in Landscape Photography”  Most instruction these days on Landscape Photography focuses on craft & technique. While important, and we will review a few of these essentials, we will focus more on the art & expression in landscape photography. This presentation will provide you much to consider in expressing your photographic vision. Included in this presentation will be much that Doug has learned from his extensive competition experience in PPA International Print Competitions.  Don’t miss his presentation at 7 PM on June 16th.

May Presentation – Photowalk with Darren White – May 19th

Instead of meeting in the Lone Tree Civic Center, Darren will lead a photo walk from the Pool right next store.  This will be at 7 PM on May 19th. Darren suggests that you bring an assortment of lens from wide angle to telephoto. Please don’t park in the Lone Tree Civic Center Lot, but please use the lot next to the Pool.

This promises to an excellent opportunity to learn.

April Presentation – Top Techniques for Night Photography Post-Processing

Join us April 21 for Mike Berensen’s presentation, Top Techniques for Night Photography Post-Processing. As many of us know, Mike is a master at night photography.

As Mike said:

It’s great that we have so many tools and approaches to choose from in processing our images – day or night. But this can make it a little tough to figure out what works well and is most effective – specifically for night photography. With that in-mind, I thought it would be helpful to share the techniques I tend to use most in my images.

Top 3 Things People Will Learn

  1. How to make the most of your starry night photos with basic Photoshop filters
  2. How to add star spikes to your stars
  3. How To blend multiple exposures with a variety of techniques

March Presentation – Photographing the Colorado Plateau

Join us March 17th, for “Photographing the Colorado Plateau”.

The Colorado Plateau spans an area of over a 100,000 square miles, and portions of the four states around the four corners area. It can be argued that the Plateau possesses some of the greatest and most numerous iconic spots for landscape photography in the world!

Joe Kovarik and Mike Ciletti have made several trips to locations throughout the area. Since the Plateau is so large, they have partitioned the Plateau into 4 smaller areas that can be used to plan and simplify the logistics of photographic trips.

They will cover iconic locations such as the White Pocket, slot canyons of the Escalante, the Wave, Cedar Mesa, Native American ruins, and Colorado National Monument area. Additionally they will cover more common sites in areas around Moab, the Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, and Monument Valley.

Besides covering iconic locations, they will also give hints on the special requirements of photography in the Southwest desert, night photography, and important considerations when exploring the desert. Of course, the entire presentation will include scenes from each of the sites they have visited, with comments on distances to the sites and good locations to use as a base of operations.

The Colorado Plateau is so massive that it is difficult to plan a trip to the area. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer who has already done some Utah photography or a beginner who is considering your first trip and not sure where to go, Mike and Joe will help you plan your next trip and inspire you with their images.

Darren White – February Presentation Night

Join us Monday night, February 17th to see Darren White. Darren is a freelance photographer. He enjoys nature photography, and takes a simple straight-forward approach to post processing images. He will be speaking about post processing images and how to achieve great results without spending hours in front of your computer.

Jerry Osborn Processing to Print

Join us on January 20th, at the Lone Tree Civic Center to see Jerry Osborn.  He will be speaking on taking your images from camera to print.  Many of Colorado’s finest artists use his services.

His Artist Statement:

Today, I offer Large Format Digital printing to Photographers/Artist and Fine Art Reproduction to Artist.  In addition, I am Adobe Certified with Photoshop and enjoy teaching one-on-one and small classes.

I personally enjoy shooting a variety of subject matter with varied techniques and printing on a variety of materials for quality and unique visual presentation.


If you have a high speed connection, you can download his presentation here:

January presentation


John Fielder Colorado Gallery

John Fielder (taken by Craig McNeil)

John Fielder (taken by Craig McNeil)

Join us at the John Fielder Colorado Gallery for a special presentation by John Fielder on November 13th. John Fielder is Colorado’s most famous landscape photographer.  He is also a publisher, teacher and preservationist.  He hikes and skis hundreds of miles in Colorado back country each year to find the most incredible scenes to photograph.

John will be presenting to the Lone Tree Photography Club this evening.  Be sure to RSVP by signing up on this site.  RSVP’s are limited to 60 so if you go there and it is closed you are too late!

Please note this is not the  normal meeting night but a Wednesday.  John Fielder invited us to come see his gallery prior to the presentation.  The Gallery will be kept open after hours so we can arrive 6:30 for a 7:00 p.m. presentation.

John Fielder’s Colorado
833 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, Colorado