Creativity, Art & Expression in Landscape Photography with Doug Bennett August 15th 7:00 PM @ Lone Tree Civic Center

Over the last few years, Doug has been pursuing the Art & Expression side of landscape photography. Additionally, Doug has learned much about the role of creativity — learning how to put oneself into the right zone for creativity. As some of you are aware, Doug and his wife Laura have aggressively competed in the Professional Photographers of America’s (PPA) International Print Competition which has taught them much about art and expression.


Doug has been shooting the landscape since 2001. From the outset, Doug has always looked to improving his photography by attending photography meetings and other avenues such as print competition. In continuing this pursuit, Doug joined PPA five years ago and in that time has earned his Master Photography Degree and Craftsman Degree from PPA. From PPA Print Competition, in 2013 he was a Platinum Photographer of the Year and has been Diamond Photographer of the Year in 2014 and 2015. In 2015, Doug earned the PPA Imaging Excellence Award, a much coveted award among PPA members. Lastly, in 2015 Doug finished 2nd to Peter Lik in PPA’s Grand Imaging Awards in the Landscape Category.

Creating Movement with Design and Editing With Dan Ballard 5-16-16

“Creating movement may be the most important ingredient in making a powerful image; yet learning to use it in your photography is one of the hardest things to do. In this presentation pro outdoor and travel photographer Dan Ballard will teach you how to use elements in the real world, and techniques in post processing to create movement in your images. Dan gives lectures on photography worldwide and is well known for his clear and well-presented ideas. This presentation will give photographers of all levels a new way to think about designing and processing their images.





By learning to understand negative and positive space and how the eye naturally moves from point of interest to point of interest, you will leave this presentation with a new understanding of photography! The first half of the lecture will deal with shooting and arranging elements in your photographs. The second half will be about showing and adding new movement to an image in post, regardless of the program you use.

“Dan Ballard is an internationally known travel and landscape photographer from Colorado. Dan has visited over 60 countries on five continents around the globe in search of great photos.

His images have been on display around the U.S. in museums and galleries, and he has sold images to clients around the world, including The National Geographic Society, The Smithsonian, The Travel Channel, Microsoft, The Sierra Club, and many others.

Dan is an accomplished keynote speaker and has given presentations throughout Europe and all over the US.


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Next Event: Elections and potluck

Join us Jan 4th at 7 PM at the Lone Tree Civic center for Elections, and a Potluck.

November Presentation – Copyrights and And What You Need To Know – Trish Sangelo

Join us Monday, Nov 16th at 7 PM for Copyrights and What You Need To Know at the Lone Tree Civic Center.  While our photos are copyrighted the instant that your shutter closes, you gain many advantages once you register the photos.  Trish Sangelo teaches this subject at Arapahoe Community College.

She will cover

What is a copyright?

When is it covered?

Protection from what?

What is protected?

How long?

How to protecting your copyright

Copyright protection with or with registration

How to Register

If you sell art – do you sell your copyright?

If someone uses your art what do you do?

How not to infringe on someone else

Model Releases – if you photograph people (clients or models)

Privacy Act

About the presenter:

Trish Sangelo is a multi media artist, fine art and portrait photographer. She received her Master of Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She is the Director of the Colorado Gallery of the Arts and has been teaching at ACC for 24 years. Her courses include b/w, darkroom, digital, landscape, portrait, and travel abroad photography throughout Europe. Trish also teaches the Marketing for the Visual Arts class where she lectures on professional and legal topics for photographers and artists.

Trish is also doing the following photography class in Barcelona, Spain and Paris France in May 2016.  Check out the links below:



Alleyway, SanGemini, Italy, Infrared, Sangelo, copyright 2015

Chalk Drawing, Florence, Italy, Infrared , Sangelo, copyright 2015

October Presentation – Darren White – Oregon Coast from North to South

Join us Monday, October 19 at 7 PM at the Lone Tree Civic Center for “Oregon Coast from North to South”.  Darren White will showcase from his amazing images the beauty of the Oregon coast from the north to the south and talk about his techniques and how he made the photographs as well as answer any questions.  Since Darren used to live in this area he had the opportunity to explore this area to find great images.

September Presentation – Bob and Cindy Maynard – National Parks

Join us Monday September 21st at 7 PM for “The Photographer’s­ Guide to Colorado’s National Parks and Monuments”.  Few states in the continental United States offer the range of geography and topography that Colorado does. The variety of scenic locations draw millions of annual visitors, most hoping to document their visit in photographs.

Bob recently released a guidebook on this topic.  This guide offers aid to photographers who wish to do their own exploring rather than engage the help of a guide. It provides all the information photographers need to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right lens. Each chapter introduces the special features unique to each location, providing in-depth and reader-friendly details on geology, history, and more, to enhance your understanding and add to your sense of wonder. Along with this vital information, photographer Bob Maynard and naturalist Cindy Maynard share their extensive personal experience, entertaining anecdotes, and a selection of Bob’s photographs. This guide can help you turn your next visit to Colorado into an adventure in learning.

Check out their photo tours and  workshops

Bob Maynard Photography

August Presentation – Dale Ralph – Bringing Your Ideas To Life

Join us for Dale Ralph’s presentation – “Bringing Your Ideas To Life”.  This will be Monday August 17th at 7:00 PM at the Lone Tree Civic Center.

Have you ever gone out to take pictures and nothing seemed to work out?  Dale will be showing some techniques to fix this.

Dale will cover:

  • Idea Generation
  • Selecting a Model (self-portrait or professional)
  • Shooting
  • Putting it together with a few simple Photoshop tools

More about Dale Ralph

I got my first camera, a used Kodak Brownie, while in Day Camp way back when. I have been taking photos in one form or another ever since. However, I became more serious about photography about ten years ago taking photos of landscapes and nature while on business trips. However, it wasn’t until I retired from corporate America at the end of 2013 that I was able to fully immerse myself. Retirement was when I discovered the works of Brooke Shaden and fell in love with conceptual composition photography. I have been hooked ever since.

Although I have taken many in-person and on-line courses, I find that my best teacher is necessity. I know what I want to do. I then research the internet and books. (U-Tube is a great resource!) Trial and error are also a significant elements of my process. I keep trying until I find something that works.

It’s all great fun!

Dale’s website is

July Presentation by David Tejada – Speedlights – Small Strobes, Big Results

Join us  for David Tejada’s presentation, Speedlights – Small Strobes, Big Results. This will be Monday July 20th at 7 PM at the Lone Tree Civic Center. David is both a wonderful photographer as well as an accomplished educator.

Light is the greatest Influence!

Commercial photographer David Tejada will take you through the process of creating stunning images using only Speedlights. David has been shooting professionally for more then 30 years, his presentation will show you the behind the scenes of many images.

David will share his process of using Speedlights, giving you a inside look on how to set your lights, modify your lights and more importantly, understand why he makes the choices he makes when using light.

About David Tejada

I’ve been shooting professionally for more then 30 years. I am self taught, worked as an assistant to a Houston photographer for a year and a half. I am also an educator, I teach lighting workshops called Small Strobes, Big Results, teach at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and have taught at Maine Media, and Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai, UAE.

Ansel Adams was one of my greatest influences growing up.

Some Samples of David’s work






The Lightroom Workflow and Topaz Plugins a Great Team – June Presentation

Join us Monday, June 15th 7:00 PM at the Lone Tree Civic Center for Terry Mieger’s presentation, “The Lightroom Workflow and Topaz Plugins a Great Team”. His presentation will cover:

    • The use of Lightroom as your Photography Operating System.
    • A successful workflow
    • Integration of Lightroom with Topaz Plugins.
    • What’s new in the most recent Lightroom versions

    If you would like to optimize your workflow, and add some new features this should be a good presentation.

    More about Terry Mieger

    A retired educator, I taught high school Biology and Chemistry for 40 years in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Aurora Colorado. Photography became a part of my life, in the early 1950s, with an Argus C-3 camera and a roll of Kodachrome film. As a student at Colorado State University in the mid 1960s’, I studied large format photography and macrophotography working with biological and architectural subjects. In 2013 I formed Chaos Photo to teach photography and digital darkroom with workshops and personal consultation specializing in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz plugins. I do many presentations for photography clubs specializing in Workflow, Lightroom and Photoshop. Other topics include High Dynamic Range Photography, Macro Photography and Focus Stacking. During the last few years, I have judged many club competitions and the Arapahoe County Fair Adult Photography Division. I consider myself as a resource and an educator with very broad tastes in photography.

    Terry’s website is