March Premium from Think Tank for Lone Tree Photo Club Members

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have announced a special offer that runs through March 31, 2015. Purchase any new rolling camera bag directly from Think Tank Photo, mail in the rebate form downloadable from their website, and they will send you a 15″ laptop case for free! Think Tank’s rolling camera bags are renowned for being designed for airline travel, enhanced security and durability, while being backed by the best customer service in the industry. As my friend, in addition to receiving the free laptop, when you check out of their shopping cart you will be asked what other Think Tank item you would like to receive for free with your order. Enjoy!

Use this link to order:

Think Tank Photo Premium for Lone Tree Photo Club Members

Great news from our partners at Think Tank Photo. For the month of February, whenever you order one of their rugged, multifunction, and secure backpacks* they will give you for free your choice of one of their popular AppHouse 8 or AppHouse 10 tablet cases. Their backpacks range from the field-oriented StreetWalker backpacks to their transportation-oriented Airport backpacks, as well as their expandable Shape Shifter and their “long glass” backpacks. The AppHouse shoulder/belt-mounted tablet bags are a great way to carry a digital portfolio or presentation, transmit images, or access your music,
games, apps and more. And don’t forget, as a friend, whenever you order $50 or more of any Think Tank gear using my special link you can add yet one more free item to your order, as well as free shipping! To receive your free AppHouse follow the rebate download instructions
on the backpacks’ product pages. [*Note: this special offer does not apply to Perception backpacks.]
To redeem this offer, order through this URL:

AppHouse 8

AppHouse 8

Personally I have multiple ThinkTank bags, but my gear usually lives in my StreetWalker Pro.  It’s a nice durable bag that’s comfortable to hike with.  And it’s very light, so if you travel internationally, the carry on baggage checks are easier to pass.

Got Some Award Winning Images?

Got some award winning images on your hard drive? Time to start submitting your images for the PSA Club Competitions. During our October 6th First Monday Meeting we will be voting on both the Nature and General Projected Images. Club members maysubmit 2 images to each category. Use the PSA drop down menu on our submit photos online page Please indicate in the photo title which category each image is for, Nature or PID (projected image division). Submit your images by midnight Saturday, October 4th.

July Presentation – Jim Zuckerman

July Presentation

Join us July 21st to see Jim Zuckerman.   He will be presenting his images of Venice Italy.  Jim is a respected photo educator, and is the author of 20 books on a wide range of photographic subjects.  He has taught creative photography at many universities and private schools including UCLA and Kent State University. He also leads international photo tours to exotic destinations such as Burma, Thailand, Iceland, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Namibia. On each photography tour, Jim shares his enthusiasm for photography and he never gets tired of helping students develop their passion for shooting. Join us at 7pm on July 21st to see him.


Usually, we get our presentation before any seminars but this time Jim has a Seminar on July 19th.

Eye of the Camera – Best of Show – Littleton Museum

“LTPC members Charlie Lehman and Mike Berenson will have a show at the Littleton Museum, 6028 S. Gallup Street, Littleton from April 18th – May 25th. This is for winning the Best of Show at the Eye of the Camera Photography Show last year. Opening Reception is April 17th from 5:30 to 7:00. “

Exhibition Gallery 2014

Make Your Photos Look Great With Lightroom! (or Camera Raw!)

Are you 100% confident that your color correction is all that it could
be? Do you often work on photos with the feeling that you just know
there’s a better photograph in there somewhere, but you’re just not
sure how to achieve it?

Then you need this class! This intensive one-day session on raw image
tonal and color correction is based on George Jardine’s Image
Correction Master Class video series. This is a hands-on class, so you
should plan to bring a laptop with Lightroom 5 and/or Adobe Photoshop
to get the most out of the class. We will be using Adobe Lightroom,
but those using Adobe Camera Raw will find that the controls and
techniques are identical. Please join us!

The Image Correction Master Class is not intended to be an exhaustive
look at every feature in the Lightroom Develop module. But rather this
class will focus on giving you the background you need in the core
image correction controls to make great corrections. (We will cover
the Basic Tone controls, the Tone Curve, and the HSL panel.) If we
have time we will touch on the Detail panel, with a discussion of
Sharpening and Noise Reduction.

Class will be Saturday, November 23, at the Lone Tree Civic Center.

Class fee is $69.95. Click here to register.

Lunch will be provided.

Nancy E. Meyer – Making Your Own Dreamscapes

Autumn-DreamwalkI first learned about “Surreal Dreamscapes” and “Mirror Dreamscapes” in a workshop in New Brunswick taught by Freeman Patterson and André Gallant. The workshop was pivotal to my further photographic development because it reinforced the idea that not ALL photography has to be “realistic”. Since then, I’ve explored quite a few ways of altering the renditions of my subjects–at first with film and, later, with digital files.

My presentation will describe and, on a basic level, demonstrate, these two techniques learned in the workshop. I will also distribute detailed handouts with instructions for making these dreamscapes.

A “Surreal Dreamscape” (now often called an “Ortonization” after Michael Orton, a Canadian photographer who first used the technique) involves combining an in-focus image and a defocused image of the same subject, both shot from the same vantage point.

“Mirror Dreamscapes”, in the digital age, involve copying the original image onto another layer and flipping it horizontally or vertically atop the original image. Then, manipulation of the Blending Modes and/or Opacity slider produces an image in which one half of the image “mirrors” the other half.

Date: Monday,  January 21, 2013
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
Location: Lone Tree Civic Center, 8527 Lone Tree Parkway, Lone Tree, CO. (Meeting is downstairs to the rear.) There is an elevator for anyone who prefers to use it. Guests are welcome!

Welcome New Members

If you are looking to improve and/or show off your photographic skills, you should come visit and join our club.  We are a friendly group that meets twice a month, once for an educational presentation and the second time for exhibition and competition.

Participation is always the best way to learn and grow and the Lone Tree Photo Club offers opportunities for both in a casual, non-threatening environment.

Please feel free to come visit and see if our Club might be a good place for you to join.  We welcome you!

Review our meeting calendar, we meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:00 p.m.  You will find us downstairs (way in the back) of the Lone Tree Civic Center.

Volunteer Schedule for the Photography Show

Volunteer Schedule for Lone Tree Photography Show and Art Sale