Doug Bennett on PPA 12 Elements of a Merit Print

On May 21, 2012 at 7:00 pm, Doug Bennett will provide the Lone Tree Photography Club a presentation on the Professional Photographers of America’s “12 Elements of a Merit Print”.  While the PPA 12 Elements are used in State, District, and in PPA’s Annual Print Competitions, knowledge of the 12 Elements will provide you an extremely useful tool for improving your own photography and your ability to visualize and produce your photographic art.  What’s more, exposure to and understanding these elements will improve your ability to evaluate your own work when preparing for print competitons.

Doug wishes to emphasize that there isn’t anything magical or unique regarding the PPA 12 Elements as they represent widely acknowledged attributes of Fine Art Photography.  However, PPA’s gathering and presentation of these 12 Elements provide a great framework for learning, understanding and application.   Doug will be using image examples that demonstrate each of the elements to aid understanding and your subsequent application of these photographic art qualities.

Doug tells us he has given this presentation on a number of occasions and it has been very well received.  Doug cites the example of a recent attendee to this presentation who upon hearing and learning about the 12 Elements realized he might have a competitive image.  Gaining new found confidence,  this individual entered the image in the 2012 Visions of Light Show and was awarded a 1st Place in the Abstract Category!

So, this is a presentation you will not want to miss!!!!  See you on May 23rd!!!